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My aim is to gain start up funding for my business idea

by Catherine Henderson in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If I can get extra funding I hope to expand into crafting work shops for the mental health community to get them out there meeting new people.

I have always dreamt of being my own boss and am determined to make this happen. I love Photography so much and there is no better feeling than showing the photos you have produced and see that smile on peoples faces. I want to open a Photographic studio in which I can take my own Photo shoots, teach recreational courses in photo shop and Photography. I am currently attending Understanding Enterprising with Cido in Craigavon and will soon be moving onto one to one mentoring and using the Go For It Course to build my business plan.

I want to offer a unique service and feel that I can provide this. I am a great people person and can adjust to different situations. I would love to be able to help people think more creatively in the community, as I think this is great for personal well being and I have ideas that can help that.

There are so many people in the present time that suffer with mental health difficulties and low self esteem and I would love to use my studio for helping them, by promoting a positive body image and hopefully this can show people who are on a good recovery level that there is light at the end of the tunnel and that we can succeed in our mission in life. This is even affecting the very young people in our communities with bullying going on for no apparent reasons!

An idea for me to give back to the public was to have a set up with a recovering mental health service where they could refer patients to my service who wanted to see how far they have come and take something positive from this.

I just like to show people that we are all important and nobody is any different and hopefully pass on my motivation to them. I feel i can understand the qualities and abilities needed for a business. I am a good problem solver and feel I can be a role model to those who have or are going through similar things as myself. I have had great feedback and support on a Facebook page that I set up to help me gain experience in Photography. I have had feedback from my HND class peers to say they think I would be great at teaching. 

If I reach the goal needed to start this business, I will use this for business premises and a fit out of the premises. I would make it into a welcoming place were everyone would feel at ease. 

As I said before this is a huge, huge dream for me and I cannot even believe I am sitting at 4 a.m writing this application, but then again it shows the passion in my belly !!


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